Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Anniversary!

On June 25, 2005, Greg and I were married! So, this year we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary! Our wedding day was the best day of my life! I decided that we should do something to celebrate, so I took Greg out to dinner! We haven't been on a "date" since before the accident. We always loved going out to dinner. We went to Lucille's and had a great time. I think going out made Greg feel "normal," so it was good for him. I had fun was nice to be able to go out with my husband....but it also made me feel a little sad. I miss the "old" days. The first few years of our marriage were probably the best years of my life up to this point. On every anniversary, I like to watch our wedding DVD. When we were planning our wedding, we thought that we wouldn't need a videographer. But, thank God, we ended up getting one. Our wedding DVD is so special to me and I am soooo happy that I have it! This year, it was even more fun watching our DVD because Ellie is so interested in it! (She has taken an interest in "getting married" the past week. Even before talk of our anniversary and watching the DVD, she put my shirt on her head like a veil and said "I got married!") She sat through and watched most of the DVD. She has asked to watch it a couple of time since. She tells me that she want to, "watch mommy get married!" I think Greg enjoyed watching it also because today he told me, "I had fun watching our wedding DVD!" Greg also keeps telling me, "Happy Anniversary" even though it was a couple of days ago now. :) I love my hubby and I am so happy to be celebrating 6 years!

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